Welcome to CFEC

CRC Financial Education Centre (CFEC) is the training arm of CRC Credit Bureau Limited. CFEC organises and delivers value adding, capacity building, bespoke financial courses in all aspects of risk management, credit and business development for financial institutions and non-financial institutions.

Our Courses

CFEC training programs can be attended under three options:


Open Training Programs

CFEC open training programmes are held on a regular scheduled basis at our training facility in Lagos or other locations in Nigeria.


In-house Training Programs

CFEC in-house training programmes are delivered specifically for your organisation, at your premises or a suitable venue of your choice. Our in-house training approach is used to enhance the applying organisation’s strategic objectives by developing specific training paths which are tailored to the specific organization training needs.


Virtual Training Programs

CFEC bespoke courses are available via virtual cutting-edge platform using real-time audio and video with the integration of the CRC Financial Education Centre Learning Management System (CFEC-LMS). The CFEC-LMS allows participants to access live lectures, download training materials/case studies, keep track of all assignments/quizzes, feedback and results including facilitator’s comments.