CRC Self Enquiry (Corporate)

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CRC Self Enquiry (Corporate)

How well do you know your credit status?

A credit report is an account of an organisation's credit activities. It shows a history of loans an organisation has taken; be it term loans, working capital loans, invoice and equipment financing or overdrafts.

Checking your company's credit reports assists in monitoring the company's credit performance. With detailed information about its credit as well as how lenders and creditors use it, an organisation can increase its chances of being offered a credit facility as well as improve its credit status.

CRC Credit Bureau offers you access to your CRC Credit Information Report (CIR) containing details about your identity and financial behaviours as well as outstanding debts. These credit reports can be made available to you as permitted by law and may eventually speed up your ability to get credit.

The CRC Credit Information Report (CIR) is a statement of your credit transaction history and provides amongst other information:

  • Credits/Loans you have enjoyed or you are currently enjoying (if any) from any institution
  • Credit/Loans service history
  • Overall status of the credit to date

This report provides regular updates on your credit status and also assists credit/loan granting institutions make an informed decision during credit/loan application processing.

The report is delivered to your email within the next 48 hours of completing the documentation.

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