CRC Portfolio Monitoring Review

CRC Portfolio Monitoring Review

CRC Portfolio Monitoring Review (PMR) is a service that provides lenders and credit grantors an overview of their customer's credit behavior in their portfolio vis a vis their performance with external lenders/credit grantors.

It enables institutions to develop patterns of their customer credit behavior over a period of time. It also arms other teams within the organization e.g Business Development, Debt Recovery, with information that enables them to take strategic customer decisions. 

Organizations can monitor their entire portfolio within a period (monthly, quarterly, or biannually). 

CRC Portfolio Monitoring Review offers institutions and businesses:

  1. An effective mechanism for evaluating and monitoring their credit customers' activities within and outside the organization to identify trends within a specified period.
  2. A proactive means of identifying early signs of defaulting customers.
  3. A review to develop effective strategies for their credit business growth across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

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